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Feel free to contact me at: bill [at] momentstudio.co.nz


I'm a computer applications developer by day, with a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Multimedia Systems Engineering from Massey University.

I've worked for Unlimited Realities, creating touch-centric applications for the likes of Dell and Acer, but I've recently left to pursue my own game projects.

My best work is when I get to combine both my programming and multimedia knowledge together.


I run a small home studio setup in a spare room at my home in New Zealand. This is where all my music is recorded. Occasionally I venture outside.

I have a Certificate IV in Audio Engineering from the SAE Institute.

About the studio

Moment Studio is a rectangular wooden box room to maximise reverb problems. Control room and recording room are the same which helpfully maximises unwanted noise. There is now some acoustic padding, which one may pretend is making it almost like a real recording studio.

The studio has four mics, an AKG C4000, a pair of Røde NT5s, and of course the ubiquitous SM57. These are run into an Apogee Mini-Me which runs into an MBox 2 which runs into a computer that sometimes manages to record. Using the MBox's own inputs as well, four mics can conceivably be recorded at once.

I run Pro Tools on a separate OS install on my main PC, which is currently a custom-built mix of somewhat compatible parts running a water-cooled quad-core i7 with a Zalman Reserator to keep things as quiet as possible in the recording room. OS is anything from Win XP to Win 7 depending on how much Pro Tools currently hates me, how many of my plugins won't work, and how often The operating system held off interrupts for too long.