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Putting together an album

The time has come (the walrus said) to talk of many things. I've been silent on music here for a while (although I've put a few things up on my YouTube account) , and this silence may continue for some time, but things are being worked on in the background.

Cover draft

I'm attempting to put together an album collection of music with a sort of rough general concept, which will hopefully be ready be the end of the year. The album is called In Our Dreams We're Flying, and will be mostly existing tracks with a little bit of new content. Existing tracks will be fixed up, and remastered to work together in an album content (there is currently a lot of variation in sound and volume between tracks).

The album will be a free release downloadable from this site. It will not be available in physical CD form but will come with the art necessary for a jewel case.

Please don't think that the $0 price tag means it will be of any lower quality than a paid album. I have no affiliation with the commercial music machine and therefore no responsibility to meet unrealistic deadlines or undesirable demands. Mastering will be done in-house as usual and the album will be released when and only when it's done. There will be no hypercompression, no auto-tune; only music.