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In Our Dreams We're Flying - A free album

Get it here.
The new album is up, it's free and you can get it on the Music page.

I'll soon be uploading a video for the last track to YouTube, and later I'll upload the A Complex Thing video again with the updated audio mix from the album (I'll leave the old video up as well). I also need to point out that the video for People Like You is not the song on the album.

I might set up a Bandcamp page, mainly to give people another option to buy the old physical album (Walking Under Ladders), and maybe offer individual tracks from it for download as well. If so, they'll still cost something or no-one will buy the CD! Not that anyone buys the CD now.

Then I'll just be doing some minor promotion and stuff.

Update: New video is here:
I also set up a Bandcamp page, with new ordering system for Walking Under Ladders: