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Skylight update - Version 0.90

This is one of those updates where not much has visibly changed in the game, and maybe the marketing department comes and talks to you, and they ask what you've been doing for the past week.

That's why you always have The List:

  • Added basic gamepad support in-game (no keyboard or gamepad support in menus yet)
  • Slightly spruced up the high score screen
  • Fixed "already broken" platforms and other platforms sometimes overlapping each other
  • High scores now also store and show % complete
  • Added different animations for falling and winning, so now you can flail around in like three different ways
  • When near the end, notes and chord changes will sometimes trigger on their own
  • Landing on the ROOF of your house at the end now ends the game, instead of you having to slide around to get down
  • Continue platforms temporarily lock the chord to C, so their own notes harmonise with the music
  • Added wind noise when falling fast
  • Continue point restarts are now based on the position of the continue platform, not the position of the player. Previously, if you hit the platform right in the corner or something you'd restart above that point
  • When reverting to a continue point, the camera is now angled down a bit so the player realises they're right above a platform
  • Tried to add a particle effect when hitting platforms but scaling particle systems (for the different platform sizes) is currently not possible in Unity :(. Coming next release apparently
  • Hopefully eliminated the audio clipping in loud passages near the end of the game, but reducing overall colume when many sounds are playing
  • Background music fades out when you win or lose the game, and winning also locks chord to C
  • Increased continue point frequency slightly as I still have a lot of trouble finishing the game

There's a very rare bug where a null reference occurs and the game will miscalculate where you are, which can cause it to think you're below the platforms and hence have lost the game. I think I've stopped the bug from causing the game to think you've lost when you haven't, but now it could cause the game not to end when it should. I haven't been able to track down what's causing it yet, but as I said, it's very rare.

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