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Skylight version 0.92

I've put up a small update to Skylight (get it here) because I felt there were two significant issues with the 0.91 release.

  • Sometimes clouds would form across the path and significantly block the player's view. This especially sucked later in the game where platforms are more sparse. This seemed unfair and, although the levels are "random", I feel they're always been "fair" in the past. The game never generates a jump you can't make, for instance.
    This has been addressed by making the clouds fade out when the player is close by, so they can be see through.
  • The cloud system I was using - based on Unity's Shuriken particle system - was killing performance. Drawing the clouds could take something like 50% of the game's processing time. So I've rewritten the whole cloud system to use billboarded meshes instead. On my low-end test machine, framerate has doubled.