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Skylight is a 3D platform jumping journey with randomly generated levels and music.

Skylight is out now and only USD$2.50. Or try the demo.

Skylight combines a simple platform jumping mechanic with a changing world and ever-changing audio. You'll need to navigate increasingly sparse platforms and dimming light conditions. Levels are randomly generated for near-infinite variation, and a randomly generated soundtrack accompanies you, slowly building up as you travel, and different every time.

System Requirements

Windows XP SP2 or later, or Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
A graphics card which supports DirectX 9 or better.
Other requirements are fairly low. Try the demo first if unsure.
Note: Mouse sensitivity can be changed in-game with - or = on the keyboard, and inverted with i.


Click to purchase for Windows or Mac


Or get Skylight on Desura:
Desura Digital Distribution
(price above is automatically localised, and there are some differences due to regionality)

Buying via this website: Payment is secure and is handled by PayPal via SendOwl. You may pay by credit card or though a PayPal account, but a PayPal account is not necessary to complete the transaction.

Once payment is complete, you'll be emailed a link to download the game, which will give you three options - Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, or Mac. The 32-bit version will also run fine on 64-bit machines. Feel free to download them all or only the ones you need. If you think you might need one in the future, you may want to grab all of them now.

Just unzip the game and run the Skylight exe to play. Please submit any issues or feedback to:
bill [at] momentstudio.co.nz

Try The Demo

The Skylight demo is available in several forms:

Download the demo for Windows: 32-bit - 64-bit
Download the demo for Mac
Play the demo in your browser

Note: Mouse sensitivity can be changed in-game with - or = on the keyboard, and inverted with i.

Just unzip, and run the Skylight exe to play.
Performance in the standalone versions will be better than the browser version.


Full press kit zip file.